Cheap Islands to Visit in the World: Top Safe and Budget-Friendly Destinations

If you dream of wandering on pristine sandy beaches, swimming in azure waters, and basking under palm trees with a refreshing cocktail in your hand, then this blog is for you.

Here, we will uncover some of the best and cheap islands to visit worldwide. These destinations offer beauty and serenity without burning a hole in your wallet, and most importantly, they’re safe for tourists.

Let’s dive into these affordable paradise getaways and learn about the top things to do and how to arrive at these charming locales.

1. Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is not only one of the cheap islands to visit but it is also known for its picturesque landscapes and crystal-clear waters. This beautiful island boasts white sandy beaches, lush green jungles, and vibrant marine life. Some of the top things to do in Cebu include snorkeling, island-hopping, hiking, and enjoying local dishes.

Why Cebu is Cheap

Cebu, Philippines, is an affordable destination due to its favorable exchange rate and generally low cost of living. Accommodation options range from budget-friendly hostels to inexpensive resorts to provide travelers with a variety of choices to suit their budgets. Dining in Cebu is also inexpensive, with an array of delicious local dishes priced very affordably.

Cost of Activities in Cebu
  • Snorkeling: Approximately $20 for a half-day tour. This usually includes gear rental and a guide.
  • Island Hopping: For a full-day island-hopping tour, expect to pay around $30, including lunch and snorkeling gear.
  • Hiking: Most hiking trails are free to access, but if you opt for a guided tour, it can cost around $15-$20.
  • Local Cuisine: Savoring local dishes is a must-do in Cebu. A meal at a decent restaurant will cost you around $5-$10.

Just so you know, these are approximate costs and can vary depending on the season and the service provider.

To arrive in Cebu, fly into Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which caters to several international flights.

2. Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali is a paradise for both adventure lovers and those who crave relaxation. Offering a multitude of activities ranging from yoga retreats to surfing, this picturesque island caters to everyone at wallet-friendly prices. Get lost in the beauty of rice terraces, explore ancient temples, savor local delicacies, or unwind at a beachside bar.

Why Bali, Indonesia is Cheap

Bali, Indonesia, is an unbelievably affordable destination, thanks to its relatively low cost of living and an advantageous exchange rate for many foreign travelers. The cost of accommodation, food, and activities are generally low, making it a go-to destination for budget travelers. From inexpensive guesthouses to affordable local eateries and cheap transport options, Bali ensures you receive great value for your money.

Cost of Activities in Bali
  • Surfing: Bali is renowned for its surfing spots. You can typically rent a surfboard for around $5-$10 for a whole day. If you’re keen on a surfing lesson, it may cost roughly $20-$30 for a 2-hour session.
  • Yoga Classes: Bali, particularly Ubud, is famous for its yoga retreats. A drop-in class at a yoga studio typically costs around $10.
  • Temple Visits: Entrance to most temples in Bali is quite cheap, often around $1-$3.
  • Local Cuisine: Eating like a local in Bali is not only a cultural experience but also very affordable. A meal at a local warung (a type of small family-owned business) usually costs between $1-$3.

These costs are estimates and may vary based on factors such as the season, location, and individual service providers.

To visit Bali, fly into Ngurah Rai International Airport or take a ferry from nearby Indonesian islands.

3. Crete, Greece

Crete might not be the first destination that comes to your mind when searching for cheap islands to visit. However, this Greek island has a variety of budget accommodation options and affordable restaurants. Discover this island’s impressive historical sites, beautiful beaches, local markets, and charming towns.

Why Crete, Greece is Cheap

Crete, while being a part of the renowned Greek Isles, stands out for its affordability. The cost of living on this island is generally lower compared to other popular European destinations. A significant factor contributing to this affordability is the large supply of locally produced food and goods, which helps keep prices low. Additionally, the exchange rate between the Euro and many foreign currencies is rather favorable, further enhancing Crete’s appeal for budget travelers.

Cost of Activities in Crete
  • Historical Site Visits: Crete is home to numerous archaeological sites and museums. Entrance fees to these sites generally range from $2-$10.
  • Beach Excursions: Many of Crete’s stunning beaches are free to access, however, renting an umbrella and a sunbed could cost you around $5-$7.
  • Local Cuisine: Dine in local tavernas where a hearty meal typically costs between $10-$15.
  • Market Shopping: Visiting local markets is a must-do. Here, you can buy fresh local produce and traditional Cretan goods. Prices vary, but expect to find many items for a few dollars.

Remember that these are just approximations and prices can fluctuate based on factors like seasonal changes and the specific service provider.

The easiest way to reach Crete is via Heraklion International Airport or Chania International Airport, which offers multiple flights from European cities.

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, the Spice Island, lures tourists with its white sandy beaches, azure waters, and spice plantations. This vibrant island is situated near the coast of Tanzania and is one of the most budget-friendly destinations to explore due to its reasonably priced lodging and numerous activities. Swim with dolphins, explore historic Stone Town, or laze on the beach, there’s plenty to fill your itinerary.

Why Zanzibar, Tanzania is Cheap

Zanzibar, despite its exotic allure, is a surprisingly affordable travel destination. The cost of living is relatively low in Tanzania, and this is reflected in the prices on the island. Local produce, including fresh seafood and spices, are abundant and inexpensive. Accommodation spans from budget beach huts to affordable luxury resorts. The local currency, Tanzanian Shilling, also offers a favorable exchange rate for many foreign travelers, contributing to the overall affordability of a Zanzibar vacation.

Cost of Activities in Zanzibar
  • Spice Tour: Zanzibar, often referred to as the Spice Island, offers fascinating spice tours that typically cost around $10-$15.
  • Dolphin Tour: A popular activity in Zanzibar is the dolphin tour, which can cost approximately $20-$30, including transportation and guide.
  • Stone Town Visit: Exploring the historic Stone Town is free, but a guided tour can cost around $15.
  • Local Cuisine: Dining in local restaurants is an enjoyable and inexpensive experience. Expect to pay around $5-$10 for a hearty meal.

Please note that these costs are estimates and can vary depending on factors such as seasonality and the service provider.

Fly into Zanzibar International Airport, or take a ferry from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

5. Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Rong promises a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious travelers. This Cambodian island offers unspoiled sandy beaches, jungle treks, and vibrant marine life that can be explored through snorkeling or scuba diving.

Why Koh Rong, Cambodia is Cheap

Koh Rong, while being a picturesque tropical paradise, is highly affordable for travelers on a budget. The cost of living in Cambodia is significantly lower than in many other places, reflected in the prices found on the island. An abundance of local produce, fresh seafood, and a vibrant market culture help to keep prices low for daily essentials and meals. Additionally, the Cambodian Riel’s favorable exchange rate enhances the affordability for tourists from many countries.

Cost of Activities in Koh Rong
  • Beach Visits: Most of Koh Rong’s pristine beaches are free to access, making it a perfect destination for beach enthusiasts.
  • Jungle Treks: The natural beauty of Koh Rong extends beyond its beaches. Jungle treks can be self-guided and are usually free unless you hire a local guide.
  • Snorkeling and Diving: Koh Rong is rich in marine life. A snorkeling trip can cost around $10-$15, while a full-day scuba diving trip may cost between $30-$50, including equipment rental.
  • Local Cuisine: Dining at local eateries (often small family-run businesses) is not only a cultural experience but also very pocket-friendly. A typical meal costs around $2-$5.

Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates and actual costs may vary depending on various factors such as the season, service provider, and changes in the exchange rate.

To reach Koh Rong, most people fly into either Phnom Penh International Airport or Siem Reap International Airport, then take a bus or taxi to Sihanoukville, and finally board a ferry to Koh Rong.

These are some of the best cheap islands to visit, allowing you to enjoy your tropical getaway without breaking the bank. Explore gorgeous landscapes, relax on beautiful beaches, savor local dishes, and immerse yourself in different cultures, all without digging too deep into your pockets. So, why not book that flight today and explore these amazing destinations?

Additional Tips for Exploring Cheap Islands on a Budget

Exploring cheap islands doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. There are several tips you can follow to ensure a budget-friendly trip without compromising on the fun. For starters, try booking flights ahead of time to get the best rates. Traveling during off-peak seasons also helps save money, as do opting for budget accommodation and eating at local restaurants. Additionally, using public transportation can help you see more of the destination while spending less on transportation costs.

Remember that in addition to finding cheap flights, there are other ways to save money on your travels.

Look for budget accommodation options, take advantage of free activities, travel during off-peak seasons, opt for public transport over taxis, and eat at local restaurants. With some careful planning and these tips in mind, you can make the most of your vacation while still staying within your budget. So why not start searching for flights today and explore these wonderful cheap islands? The memories you’ll bring back will be priceless, and you might even find a hidden gem along the way!

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for a relaxed beach holiday or an outdoor adventure, cheap islands are the perfect places to explore on a budget. With stunning landscapes, interesting cultures, and plenty of things to do, these destinations offer something for everyone. So next time you plan your tropical getaway, consider visiting one of these beautiful and affordable paradises. All you need is a spirit of adventure and an open mind, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable journey!

What to Pack

Aside from the obvious items such as clothes, toiletries, and medication, there are some unique items that should be added to your packing list when visiting cheap islands. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent, along with a first aid kit for any minor injuries. Waterproof cases for electronics can come in handy if you plan on swimming or going near the water. A head torch or flashlight is also a good idea, especially if you plan on exploring remote areas at night.

It’s also important to remember to pack items that will help you stay safe while traveling. This means bringing enough currency in small denominations for easy transactions, a few zip-lock bags to keep your valuables dry, and a money belt to keep your cash safe. Additionally, it may be wise to buy a travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses and cancellations should something go wrong during your trip.

By packing the right items for your cheap island vacation, you can rest assured that you’ll have all of the essentials needed for an enjoyable and hassle-free stay. So before you set off, make sure you check this packing list and get ready for an amazing adventure!


Cheap islands are perfect destinations for budget-conscious travelers looking to explore the world without breaking their wallets. With stunning landscapes, interesting cultures, and plenty of activities to do, these affordable paradises offer something for everyone. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing beach holiday or an adventurous outdoor excursion, there is something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for your next destination to explore, why not consider one of the world’s best cheap islands? With some careful planning and the right packing list, you can have an unforgettable holiday without breaking the bank. All that’s left to do now is book those

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